My name is T.J. 

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I am a licensed mental health counselor and behaviorist who proudly serves those in need of guidance and understanding through trying times. You have likely visited this page for support for yourself or a loved one for guidance through a significant life challenge or continuous personal issues. It may be a significant life change, such as a separation, graduation, career change, relationship problem or anything else that causes distress or discomfort. You may suffer from anxiety, depression, or feeling like you're "stuck" in life. Perhaps you've developed "COVID Cabin Fever" from all of the stress and anxiety that the current pandemic has brought on us and you're looking for answers on how to navigate the unknown. 

My goal for all clients is to find understanding through these times, gain insight, develop functional coping strategies, and positively change emotions and behaviors. My practice fosters a non-judgemental environment for clients to freely discuss their concerns. 

***NOTE ABOUT COVID-19 (Coronavirus)***

I am still seeing clients face-to-face in my office;  however, I am also offering secure, HIPAA-compliant video therapy for those who’d feel more comfortable and secure conducting session remotely. My office is clean and CDC protocols are followed.  


A Bit About Me

I have been practicing therapy and mental health counseling in a variety of settings since 2010. I began my career working with athletes in managing pre-performance anxiety, enhancing self-confidence, setting goals, and working through life stressors.

In addition, I had the opportunity to provide individual and group therapy at an inpatient mental institute counseling patients working through substance abuse and psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia. 

My career evolved into working with children and young adults with autism and other developmental disorders through behavior therapy. In 2016, I become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I use my experience as a behaviorist in my practice to assist families in creating long-lasting positive behavior change for children and improving upon interpersonal skills between parent and child.

Overall, I have a bevy of experience working with individuals and families with depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationship issues, and significant life changes. I ensure a non-judgemental, comfortable environment to openly discuss personal issues while providing education about surrounding problems and collaboratively working to improve emotions, positively change behaviors, and increase overall well-being. The therapeutic relationships is paramount in our time together. I want my clients to feel like they can comfortably share their experiences as detailed as possible. I know in my experience in therapy, that relationship was necessary, or treatment would be ineffective.

PERSONAL NOTE - I like to talk about the importance of a work/life balance with my clients, and I try to model that for all of my clients. Here is a little about me:

I grew up in the Phoenix/Metro area. My hometown means much to me, and I love the opportunity to talk about its culture, activities, and livelihood. Much of my values and positive attitude were shaped as a result of my upbringing. I still have good friends and family there and love to visit from time to time. 

I am a devoted husband to my lovely wife and father to four beautiful children. When I'm not providing support for clients, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing board games, zoos and amusement parks, and watching sports.

While I make my therapy sessions about the client, you can ask me about any of my personal experiences. 

Professional Information

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT #115577)

  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BACB #1-16-22082)

  • CAMFT Member (Member# 112794)

  • Masters Degrees - Argosy University

    • Counseling Psychology​

    • ​Sports/Exercise Psychology​

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree - Arizona

    • Social and Behavioral Sciences​


My Specialties

Some of the Services I Offer

Individual Therapy

For long-lasting emotional management

One-on-one sessions offer the opportunity to discuss your concerns in a calm, non-judgemental, and confidential environment. I use Cognitive Behavior Therapy as a means for establishing new thought patterns, which promote emotional freedom and long-lasting behavior change.

one on one therapy.jpg

Family Therapy

To strengthen the familial bond

Our families are our first, and sometimes strongest, source of social support. When there are interpersonal issues within the family, it has a spillover effect to everyone else within the family system. I assist families in identifying the sources of tension and working through them as a unit.

Image by Ann Danilina

Sports Psychology

Use your mind to enhance your performance

Is your goal to achieve a certain athletic goal, such as a scholarship, or to get back to having fun with sports again? A vast majority of athletic performance issues stem from negativistic thinking, lack of confidence, and pre-performance anxiety. I offer individual or group therapy to address common issues that impede upon athletic success. During sessions, you'll learn ways to manage anxiety, increase self-confidence, enhance focus, and other tools to boost performance.

sports psych pic.jpg


You Ask - I Answer


What type of clients do you service?

Throughout my journey, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients. This has allowed me to gain experience working with a diverse population, learn about the unique struggles people work through, and identify my strengths and passion as a therapist. 

Through personal and professional experience, I have found that my speciality is in working with young male issues (teenagers and adults). This includes academic and professional struggles, addiction (not just drugs and alcohol, but video games and smartphone as well), life transitions, and general emotional issues.

In addition to which, as a former athlete, I enjoy working with athletes of all sports, treating and educating clients about how to manage common mental blocks in performance, such as managing anxiety, setting achievable goals, improving confidence, and gaining an overall mental edge in your game. 

Finally, as someone who's a parent of a child with special needs and a board certified behavior analyst, I have had the pleasure of working with families cope with the challenges that they experience caring for their unique child or adult. This type of treatment includes working directly with the client as well as providing parent consultation, educating parents on how to manage their behaviors and provide tips on managing challenging behaviors and emotions. 

What are your fees?

This is a conversation I have with prospective clients during our free initial phone consultation, as different treatment types and length determine fees. My fees range is $160-$225 per session. Fees are determined based on treatment needs as no two cases are the same. I do take into consideration the client's financial situation, and do offer a sliding scale for limited clients. Payment plans can also be established. I accept cash, check, credit cards, Venmo, Square, Zelle, and PayPal. I also accept most HSA and FSA plans.

How long are sessions?

The initial session is an intake, which takes about 60-75 minutes. This session is important as it gathers all of the background information about the client(s), presenting concerns, and past experiences. This session allows for the client and I to create reasonable therapy goals, establish a working relationship, and create a foundation for intervention. Ensuing therapy sessions are 50 minutes in length. 

During the onset of treatment, I normally recommend that clients commit to one session per week. However, depending on individual or situational needs, I may see a client two or more times per week. 

Do you provide online, remote, or video services?

Absolutely! I am professionally trained to conduct web-based video therapy. My license covers all of California, so I can see clients anywhere in the state; whether it be San Francisco, San Diego, or Los Angeles. With the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, many clients have elected to conduct sessions through video for the purposes of safety and convenience. At the same time, my office remains open, which is clean, sanitized, and use of masks is encouraged.

Contact Me

3812 Sepulveda Blvd #460 Torrance, CA 90505

(520) 247-7406

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Helpful Resources


National Suicide Prevention Hotline


Child Abuse Hotline


Adult/Elder Protective Services


DV Sexual Abuse


Del Amo Behavioral Health (Emergency)

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(520) 247-7406

3812 Sepulveda Blvd #460 Torrance, CA 90505

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